Network Security

Network Security

Moir Computer Associates  provides our clients with the best of practice solutions to ensure your network is safe from potential threats. With data breaches becoming problematic for today's business a passive approach to network security is becoming less viable as cyber criminals master their tactics of obtaining  data.

We Provide:

  • Password implementation

  • Email encryption and archival

  • Firewall configuration and integration

  • Virus and malware scan and removal

  • User based education and training

  • Network assessments 

  • Penetration testing

  • Many more...

We Specialize in Custom PC & Server Builds

Business Continuity

Moir Computer Associates  provides helps our clients consider their options in the case that their network is non-accessible.  This could be for reasons like equipment failures from a fire or flood, or a ransomware virus that renders data unreadable. Any event that leaves you not able to operate as usual will cost the business unless a continuity plan is created in the case of a disaster. 

We Provide:

  • Image based data backups

  • Data recovery consulting

  • Offsite data storage consulting

  • Disaster recovery plans

Compliance Solutions

Many of Moir Computer Associates clients work in industry that must meet requirements of government mandated compliancy programs such as SOX for the financial institutions and HIPPA for healthcare providers. We have experience in building networks that adhere to guidelines for a variety of industries.

We Provide:

  • Network consulting for compliance

  • SOX compliant email archival for financial institutions

  • HIPPA compliant email encryption for medical professionals

  • PCI credit card compliance

  • SOX/HIPPA compliant stoarage solutions

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