Computer Networking

Moir Computer Associates has been providing our valued clients with their IT solutions for 30 years. This includes computer systems, file servers, computer networks and peripherals, IP phone systems and devices, and software. 


Moir provides technology solutions starting with quality house brand PC’s that give a solid reliable base to a system and have a useful life that is almost double of what is delivered by the large mail order house. For some customers, our work stops there.  But for many, Moir provides a one-stop shop for all hardware and IT services.

Once your computer networking hardware has been installed, Moir Computer Associates can help with implementing software, training of staff, and the on going support as needed.

We Specialize in Custom PC & Server Builds

We Provide:

  • Analysis, design, implementation, and support of networks

  • Wireless network design and implementation

  • Design and support routers, firewalls, remote access,and virtual private networks

  • Sales, installation, and support of PC's, laptops, printers, and mobile devices

  • Sales, installation, and support of file servers and virtual machines

  • Sales, installation, and support of IP phone solutions

  • Sales, installation, and support of Microsoft Exchange Email

  • Implementation of backup and continuity plans

  • Best practice standard email compliancy for HIPAA and SOX

The focus of the systems we provide is delivering our customers maximum value. Contact us today to learn how to optimize your system experience and reduce the cost of down time. 

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